Company InfoTraining Services

Ei Dynamics clearly understands that to have successful implementations and happy customers that our users must have a strong working knowledge of the software they've purchased.  Ei Dynamics is committed to providing resources and opportunities for our customers to learn and understand our software they've purchased.

Onsite/Individualized Training
Ei Dynamics is sold through a network of business partners.  Our business partners are certified and trained to install, implement and train our customers how to use our software. Business partners can offer unique individualized training to their customers providing a more intimate and tailored learning environment.

Instructor Led Training
Ei Dynamics routinely provides instructor led training for our business partners and customers. Ei Dynamics trainers have real world experience implementing our software and bring a wealth of other technology experience and backgrounds providing a rich learning environment.  Please email us at if you would like to learn about upcoming classes or to schedule some training.

Online Training
Ei Dynamics is committed to developing and providing as much information as possible online so that our customers and business partners have access to information and training on demand and when they need it. Active customers and partners have full access to our online training videos, documentation and other educational resources 24 hours a day 7 days a week.